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Our bi-fold doors are ideal for those Peterborough homes with conservatories or an extension. These bifold doors are designed to bring the outside into your home. Bi-fold doors are commonly known as sliding glass doors, which are often purchased between 2 and 7 panels, these folding panels stack neatly against the wall when fully opened. Bi-folding doors have glass panels which are connected via hinges to a roller shutter, bi-folding doors are the best form of doors to transfer your Peterborough home.

Bi-folding doors are ideal to create more space within your home. With the large glass panels, light is amplified providing the perfect panoramic view. The bi-folding doors can easily be opened to your chosen opening, allowing fresh air to flood into your home.

Our bi-folding doors are the perfect alternative to our stunning range of French doors or patio doors. Our bi-fold doors are Liniar manufactured as we believe that they are the best manufacture for windows and doors in the UK. These bi-folding doors have ultra-slim sightlines which delivers more light into your room, while providing a modern clean presence. Our bi-fold doors are available in a wide range of configuration, we also offer a huge colour range to.

The innovative low threshold option allows these bi-fold doors to flow right into your garden, making them wheelchair friendly as well.

These bi-fold doors provide excellent energy efficiency, with outstand security features to match. Our bi-folding doors offer an attractive space-saving solution for your Peterborough home, with a huge enhancement to the appearance of your home too.

Our Liniar bi-folding doors has been divinely designed for contemporary properties. These bi-fold doors are designed to withstand any British winter weather, but also to maintain the perfect summer atmosphere. The bi-fold doors have also been strictly tested, the results far exceed the British Standards for weather performance.

The bi-folding doors are extremely low maintenance ensuring minimum amount of time required to keep these doors looking beautiful.  We also offer a full 10 year guarantee allowing you peace in mind that the colours will not fade.

These Liniar bi-fold doors provide an extra smooth rolling action, making them extremely light to push or pull. They are also engineered not to warp or bend like other bi-fold door suppliers.

For reassurance for the younger family members, ergonomic handles are built into each hinged section. Our bi-folding doors have the most graceful glide on the market. The roller mechanism is patented and it is hidden away out of side within the doors, maintaining a lustrous look.

When the bi-fold doors are fully folded back, the discreet magnets ensure that the door panels are securely in place.

Our bi-folding doors are also ideal for business properties not just the elegant Peterborough home. These energy efficient Liniar bi-folding doors will also maximise the floor space to your café by opening up the wall to the outside sunny pavement.

These bi-fold doors are also ideal for a showroom, as it provides easy access and high security to.