How to choose the right style kitchen for your home

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How to choose the right style kitchen for your home

How to choose the right style kitchen for your home

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s not only the place where you cook and eat, but it’s the main gathering place for family and friends. By chosen the correct kitchens design will tie the whole home together. So here are the main factors which need to be considered when choosing the right style kitchen.

Kitchen architecture

The architecture of your home is one of the main factors which need to be considered when looking for a new kitchen. If you live a period home such as Victorian, then a contemporary kitchen with a stylist look with contrasting colours may look a little out of place. Like a classic kitchen would not fit in, to a more modern property.

However, if your desired kitchen style conflicts with the architecture of your property. When you could look for a more Universal style kitchen, which can incorporate both the modern and traditional features together.

Other rooms in your home

When selecting a style kitchen to fit into your home, it is well worth following the same theme throughout the rest of the house. Following a similar colour scheme and styles, will allow your kitchen to fit in with the rest of your home.

A shaker kitchen style would be perfect if your house has mostly neutral colours and traditional furniture providing a cosier feel. Though the contemporary style kitchen would look more suitable within a brighter newer environment, providing a more modern look.

Layout of your home

The layout of your property is also a huge factor when considering which style to choose. An open planned house may look much better with a modern or universal kitchen, as these kitchen designs are much brighter for this open space. Islands are also a great idea for modern and contemporary styles, as these are beautiful features which are also extremely practical.

Function of the kitchen

The style and the layout of your kitchen will be determined by the way which you use your kitchen. If your kitchen is the centre place to meet and entertain your guests, then you need to maximise the living space of your kitchen (contemporary or universal kitchen collection) as these are more modern.

However, if you live in an extremely busy home, then the shaker kitchen maybe more practical. This contemporary or modern kitchen have high steel finishes and appliances, which could quickly become covered in children’s finger prints.

If you love to spend your time cooking and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, then this will also influence your design. You therefore may need to maximise the amount of work space you can use. You may also require either a larger cooker or extra appliances, which will be favourable.

You’re Personality

Your likes and dislikes such as pictures and colour scheme will also affect your decision on which type of kitchen you would like. If your taste is bright modern paintings, then a contemporary kitchen would be perfect. However, if you enjoy neutral colours and vintage paintings, then a traditions style such as the shaker, would be a better style.

If you can use your own inspiration in clothing and interests, this will also provide a greater understanding on the features and design which will be best suited. Our designer will work closely with you to help chose the perfect style to best suit you and your family.

Talk to our kitchen designer

Why not meet with our kitchen designer and discuss the different style options which are available for you. With over 700 combinations and various different styles, our kitchen designer will help find the best kitchen for your home and family.

Posh Kitchens carry out a comprehensive home survey, ensuring we fully understand your property. As well as speaking to them, our designer will produce a 3D image of your kitchen showing you exactly how your new kitchen will look. They will also let you know which incorporate appliances that will suit your lifestyle.

Choosing the right style kitchen

As there are so many factors which influence the style of kitchen that best suits you and your family, working with our kitchen designer will identify the features and design which is most important to you, to ensure you have that perfect kitchen.

For more information then, get in touch.

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