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Shaker Kitchens

The Shaker Kitchen originates from back in the mid-18th Century, with its expression of simplicity, supreme craftsmanship and functionality, making this an ideal kitchen for the more traditional Peterborough properties.

This Shakers kitchen characterised by its simplicity and lack of ornamentation, beautiful craftwork, and kitchen functionality, makes this kitchen one of the highest demand within Peterborough. To achieve this wonderful spacious clean line kitchen, requires our experienced kitchen designers with high technology to produce this intrinsic design.

Our Shaker Kitchens are designed with simple but classy doors and frames, offering a timeless charm. These kitchens are designed and manufactured locally in Peterborough, these kitchen are made from highly skilled cabinet makers, ensuring that your Peterborough kitchen will be built to withstand daily activity for many years to come!

We can achieve this perfect Shaker kitchen with our bespoke design, as it’s the only way to achieve this impeccable proportional and symmetry kitchen. This kitchen needs to reflect both its size and layout of the kitchen, ensuring that the cabinets work together. Thanks to our latest 3D kitchen technology, this allows our designers to make these kitchen cabinets more efficient. One of the reasons why our bespoke kitchens are so popular and outstanding value for money.

Get in touch with Posh Kitchens – you will discover why our precision engineered kitchens are so good. We will ensure that this perfect Shaker kitchen will be perfect for any Peterborough kitchen.

The key to our high eminence Shaker kitchen is the quality of our material. We use the best quality materials for our doors and cabinet frame. Due to the simple Shaker kitchen design, this kitchen range can be made in a broad range of looks and designs, with just a few alterations. We offer different types of finish or worktop materials. The Shaker kitchen is so adaptable that it looks outstanding whether you live in the country or a modern town house in Peterborough.