Why are Composite Doors so popular!

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Why are Composite Doors so popular!

Why are Composite Doors so popular!

Doors are extremely important when it comes to the home security and the overall representation of your home. The entrance door and back doors are the primary foundation for home security, they do not only prevent intruders from trying to force their way into your home, but they are also designed to preventing the worst of weather elements entering too. An entrance door is that barrier which protects your family from the dangers which exist outside your home. This is why it is so important when you are choosing either a new front door or back door, that it is manufactured to the highest quality and fitted correctly.

There are many types of replacement doors on the market, but have you ever heard of a ‘composite door? Well the answer is probably yes! As composite doors have become the most popular type of doors on the market, especially throughout Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.  So what makes these doors so popular? Knowing what these composite doors are manufactured from explains why these doors are the bestselling doors on the market. We have a full breakdown to help you understand what these composite doors are and why they manufactured with the best door products on the market.

GRP Doors are also known as Composite Doors

Composite doors are designed with ‘skins’, which are made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic). GRP is one of the most resilient and robust materials used within the door market. GRP is so strong that it is actually used on fishing boats in the North Sea! This GRP skin is compressed and moulded to provide that realistic woodgrain effect of a natural wooden door. This is why composite doors have become extremely popular doors, due to the genuine timber door finish, but without the maintenance which comes with ligneous doors.

GRP skins are available in a huge range of colours, these colours and presentation represent the old timber doors which have been painted from a variety of different colours. Homeowners often paint their old timber doors colours to match your own particular style and theme. For homeowners which are looking for that traditional door look with the most elegant colour theme, then the composite door is the door for you!

The Composite Door Slab

The door slab is what most customers consider as the actiual “door”. The slab is the part which sits in the outer door frame, this is what really sets the composite door out from the crowd.

The composite door ‘slab’ is often 44mm in depth, with upgrades which are evening thicker. If you compare the composite door to the traditional 28mm wooden panel doors, then it’s obvious why this amazing 44mm composite door has so many advantages.

The 44mm composite doors will retain more heat, the thicker an object is then the harder it is for heat to escape. But, it’s not just the thickness of these doors, it’s what these doors are made from which makes the biggest difference. Our composite doors are reinforced internally with a mixture of natural timber, polyurethane insulation foam, not forgetting recyclable PVC. With this astonishing mixture of materials, provides momentous strength and weight compared to other door slabs. These composite doors make it extremely difficult for burglars to break through them. There are no other doors on the market which are reinforced like the composite doors, which proves that these composite doors are the most popular choice when it comes to replacement doors.

Door U-Values

The term u-values relates how heat loss is measured. The lower the actual u-value is then the better that specific product is when trying to maintain constant heat within your home. The composite doors have extremely low u-values, this is due to their wider, thicker structure and heavy reinforcement construction. In fact some of the best standard composite doors have such a low u-value, that they can even achieve a Passive-house standard! Which is incredible.

Energy efficient homes and heat loss have become a major concern for decades now, the importance will continue to increase in the future. As composite doors have outstanding heat insulation, will allow them to endure and remain the most popular door on the market.

Door Design

Due to the high quality of materials which comprise within the composite doors, makes it possible to create the most beautiful style door. Composite doors not only offer new sophisticated door designs, but offer those original bold designs which timber wooden doors offer as well. Composite doors offer inexhaustible choices of door styles, whether you are looking for a more modern style which congresses’ with contemporary properties or a pastoral style door for those properties which are within the countryside. Composite doors even offer glass option (including bespoke glass designs), colours, traditional or contemporary hardware (handles ext.) there are so many configurations that makes these composite doors the ideal choice when it comes to replacement doors.

With the erudite technologies and huge range of customisation which is offered with these doors, the ability to choice a replacement door is vital. We have even a door designer software that gives you the ability to start your door design from scratch. Simply put in the dimensions when requested, then design your own door, colour, then add which hardware you prefer. There is even a glass option, which allows you to see the finished product with various types of glass. That way you have your own door design which does not look like your neighbour’s house. Composite doors have this brilliant flexibility which other door designs cannot offer. This is what makes the composite door so popular to homes throughout Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Door Hardware

As you probably already expected, composite doors are available with a vast collection of high-security features. From door cylinders which cannot be broken into, with reinforced outer frames, high security multi-point locking mechanisms, to low thresholds for wheelchair access, what other features could you ask for.

Composite doors are the evidence on how the door manufacturing industry have progressed over the previous two decades. From a magnificent range of colours, unlimited door designs, not forgetting energy efficiency. The future of the quality of doors will continue to develop thanks to composite doors. Composite doors will continue to transform properties throughout Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon, Stamford and Spalding areas. They have become Peterborough’s number 1 door for home improvements, due to the outstanding quality of door!

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