Why Our Composite Doors Don’t Fade!

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Why Our Composite Doors Don’t Fade!

Why Our Composite Doors Don’t Fade!

Composite doors are the most popular choice when it comes to replacement doors, due to their eye-catching appearance and resilience. These excellent doors have a combination of the best aspects that other doors offer, this embraces uPVC and timber doors, providing the benefits of both doors combined.

One of the most appealing aspects of owning a composite door is that it will not fade or discolour like other front doors. You should also expect your new composite door to last many years, on which will not age or look shabby. However, as with any other merchandise you will find that composite doors have different levels of quality, depending on which double glazing company you choose to buy from. So if you are investing in a replacement front door, make sure that you use a reputable double glazing company like Posh Homes.

Whether you are looking to purchase your very first composite door, or looking to replace you current door, we offer the best quality doors on the market. These doors will suit anyone’s taste, not forgetting they will last for many years as well.

Our composite doors are extremely robust this includes the colour too. We have put together information on what makes our composite doors so good, including their quality and durability which stands our composite doors out from the rest.

Why are our composite doors so colourful?

To add colour to an old traditional wooden door, all it takes is a lay of paint. However, a lick of paint cannot sustain the impact produced from excess sun light, wind, rain and even snow! Each weather condition will fade the original colour considerably over a period of time.

Our composite doors conversely have their colours applied through each individual layer, from the exterior ‘known as the skin’, all the way through to the interior film. This procedure allows a strong, profound colour to be applied. As these layers are fully protected, so is the colour too. Which guarantees the colour to remain impeccable for many years to come.

All of our composite door range are available in a wide variety of different colours, this ensures that there is a composite door colour that will suit any homes style and theme.

How are Composite Doors made?

If you are looking to purchase replacement composite doors for your home, it is definitely worth considering how that composite door is made, not forgetting the features which the design can bring to your home. If you are buying a composite door then ensure it will be robust, secure and beautiful in appearance. Our composite doors are a balance between a striking appearance while maintain an outstanding functional performance.

Our composite doors are manufactured with selected materials, each with its own characteristics and specific benefits, these are then fused together combined with our solid timber core. This timber laminate conglomerates up to 17 different laminates, providing a magnificent 48mm thickness. These composite doors are currently 10% thicker than many other composite doors manufactured in Peterborough local area, ensuring that we don’t just provide beauty, but quality as well.

These composite doors are made from PVC, timber core and not forgetting that GRP skin (glass reinforced plastic). Our composite doors continue to prove that they have strength and security even against being attacked with a sledgehammer. This ensures that our composite doors are the first choice when selecting a door which can keep your family safe from intruders.

What locking mechanisms do composite doors come with?

All of our composite doors are fitted with high security multi-locking mechanisms as standard! However, these doors can easily be upgraded to Secured by Design (SBD), which is an Official Police Security Initiative. With amazing eight locking mechanism options – Yale Lockmaster, ERA Vectis, Winkhaus Trulock and AV2 “Slam Lock”, the Yale YS170, the Fab n Fix Haven, and the Avocet Affinity lock. So with an incredible selection of door locking mechanisms to choice from, there is no other door guaranteed to be so secure!

Composite doors glazing options

We offer the most comprehensive range of composite doors on the market! Whether you require a door style with large glazing or small glazed squares, your home will always benefit from any increased natural light and spectacular glass solution.

All of our door glass designs are installed as double glazed as standard, ensuring that you will not need to worry about surplus backing glass.

We offer a huge range of glazing options which will complement any style home. With many configurations and glazing styles, allows you to bespoke your door to your home and taste.

From our beautiful decorative lead to even bevel patterns, or you can simply go for plain textured glass, we offer door glazing options for everyone.

This is why we know that we offer the best composite door range on the market! The ability to choice near enough unlimited options which imaginary flexibility, makes us number 1 for composite doors!

Composite door designs

Whether you live in a traditional, period property, or even a contemporary style home, we have the best type of composite door for you!

Classic Collection

The Classic style composite doors are ideal for the more traditional style property. These composite doors have taking creativeness from the Georgian and Victorian eras, this Classic range is ideal for those homes with an elegant and refined finish. This composite door series offers 17 stunning colours with over 20 door designs to choose from, allowing you to create your own unique conception which will envy any neighbour!

The Country Style Composite Doors

This composite door collection provides a bucolic and traditional appearance ideal for those old farmhouses and country cottages. We also offer many designs which are available as stable doors, you will easily be able to craft a beautiful door for your home.

Urban Style Composite Doors

Offering a unique 10 contemporary composite doors which will best match any modern home, this urban range offers the very best style composite doors to improve the general look of any modern property. These composite doors offer brilliant bright colours which will produce a statement, or you can opt for a delusive shade, which will blend with the contiguous surroundings.

How much do composite doors cost?

We only offer the very best highly skilled door installers to fit our composite doors. Our door installers work directly for our company so you can be satisfied that the finishing touches and results will be to perfection.

The quality of our composite doors and installation is an extreme priority for our double glazing company, we also offer the most competitive prices in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Stamford, Spalding and Cambridge areas. This allows you to select the best composite door which will suit any home and budget!

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