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UPVC flush sash windows offer the realism of traditional timber windows but combined with the latest thermal benefits.

Many traditional 1930 properties require timber frames, this is common due to planning or environmental restrictions. We do not recommend timber frames as they tend to be expensive, they also require plenty of maintenance and could be very difficult to replace the glazing.

Our Liniar casement window frames were developed to counter this problem, as they are designed to fit into any property where the sash fits flush within the frame. These sash windows can then be foiled to look just like traditional timber window frames, offering a sleek, contemporary finish

A+ rated sash windows

All our windows are A+ rated offering a low cost window with high thermal performance, they are also extremely secure.

These sash window frames are available in a sculptured profiles with a flush finish on the outside, all profiles are 28mm double or triple glazing. Sash windows are internally beaded for security reasons, presented with a huge range of opening configurations, colours and finishes.

Locally Manufactured

Our sash windows are produced locally within Peterborough, manufactured to the highest energy efficiency, this includes lead-free uPVC frames.

Sash Windows Peterborough , Cambridge