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Casement windows are the earliest type of movable windows. These windows have hinges at the upright side, this allows the window to open outwards or inwards along its entire length, like a door. This makes the uPVC casement windows the most popular choice of window to any Peterborough, Cambridge home.

UPVC casement window have a modern ultra slim appearance, double glazed or triple glazed, made to any specification and style. We also offer a wide range of window colours and woodgrain finishes.

UPVC casement windows are ideal for all Peterborough, Cambridge new built homes due to the ultra slim lines which will enhance the beauty of any property.

Windows Security

The casement windows are designed with Yale shoot-bolt locking with multi-chambered Energy + offering superior heat retention and made structurally rigid.

Panoramic View

Casement windows have the advantage of no bars in the middle of the window, this provides no obstruction to a beautiful panoramic view. The downside to the double hung windows is the check rail. This is the horizontal bar in the centre of the window, which sits at eye level when sitting down. It’s a huge obstruction which makes the casement windows a favourable style window.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors are the main places where your home will experience heat loss and cold transfer. Energy efficient windows is usually the main reason for replacement windows, so choosing uPVC casement windows would be the perfect choice.

As there are no tracks to slide up and down on, casement windows have an extremely tight seal when cranked shut. A tighter seal will allow a slightly higher energy efficiency rating.

Window Ventilation

When the weather warms during the summer months so does your home. Without sufficient ventilation then your windows can obtain condensation and other problems. Installing trickle vents around the internal top or sides of the window frames will prevent this.

Installation of trickle vents is an easy way of dealing with condensation and damp problems. Hot air collates within your home then settles within cooler surfaces. These areas are often windows and doors. It then rises to the top of the windows then escapes through the trickle vent if fitted. All our trickle vents comply with part F of the building regulations for new build and replacement.

The casement windows are an excellent style windows with great ventilation and the ability to easily clean inside and outside. These windows are brilliant due to increased energy efficiency as they lock tight due to not having any tracks. The casement windows are an ideal choice window due the panoramic view.