Composite Doors Peterborough

We offer the most affordable composite doors throughout Peterborough. Not only has this but our composite doors also offered high levels of security, strength and energy efficiency. We also offer one of the largest range of composite doors in Peterborough, so you can be guaranteed that we will have the right colours and styles and design for your home.
These composite doors are also energy efficient, extremely secure and designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional timber doors. Composite doors are near enough maintenance free, all they require is a wipe down with a damp clean cloth. Composite doors do not warp like timber doors.
Our composite door range are extremely stylish, expertly crafted to the highest standard, providing the best security and look to any home. All our composite doors are U-Value complaint which is the legal requirement for thermal insulated doors, they reduce heat transfer, which will save you money on your energy bills.

Composite Doors Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon

Composite Front Doors Peterborough

Our Composite Doors provide a imaginary selection of high quality external front doors throughout Peterborough. With over 13 external front door colours and 9 exterior door colours. We also provide luxurious hardware from a choice of chrome, gold, black and white. Our Composite Front Doors can be upgraded to “secured by design” locking system. This propositions incomparable security features, excellent energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Order your composite front door today to give a magnificent new entrance to your home. Our composite front doors are built to last with a life expectancy of at least 35 years, we offer a 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Composite Back Doors Peterborough

Our composite back doors are super strong and extremely secure. This provides peace in mind, making you feel safe and secure in your home. Choose from one of our excellent range of composite back doors. We provide the widest range of doors throughout Peterborough. Not forgetting the extensive range of frame colours and Pilkington textured glass patterns.
All composite back doors can be upgraded to “secured by design” locking systems which are exceptional security features fitted as standard. Our composite back doors also offer excellent energy efficiency, weather and noise resistance.
Order your composite back door today. Why not give the back of your home a facelift, whilst making it warm, safe and secure as well!

Composite Doors Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon

Composite Door Security Features

All types of doors are secure until an intruder tries to force entry, only then will you really know how secure your door actually is. However, with a Composite Door, these doors have been thoroughly tested ensuring they have strength, durability, high security and thermally efficient as well. When it comes to home security the composite doors is the door to buy.

PAS 24 – an accreditation recognised by the Police and Insurance companies. These are enhanced security composite doors that meets the current Building Regulations.

The CE Mark – This abbreviation stands for ‘European Conformity’. Which offers PAS24 -2016 certification, so you can be reassured that these composite doors are of high quality.

Secured by Design – These are the UK Police initiative aiming to reduce crime from homes and commercial properties.

All of our composite doors whether they are CFC-free insulating, polyurethane (PU) foam or laminated hardwood core, are supported by reinforced frame. They have also a 2mm GRP clad on either side, ensuring that they are 100% weather proof. It also acts as a physical barrier against unwanted tools such as a hammer or a crowbar which a burglar may try to use to break in.

Composite Door Locking Mechanism – this comprises of two parts, firstly the multi-point locking mechanism. Secondly the locking cylinder. So you can be reassured that your door will be safe and secure.