Lean-To Conservatories Peterborough, Cambridge

The Lean-To Conservatory, otherwise known as the sun room, is the most popular choice of conservatories for those on a tight budget within Peterborough, Cambridge and East Anglia.

The lean-to conservatory provides an ideal solution for bungalows and porches, due to its simple rectangular structure and its lean-to roof.

The lean-to conservatory provides a popular choice for modern Peterborough and Cambridge homes, due to its clean lines and simple design.

Regardless whether your come id traditional or contemporary, this conservatory style is ideal for those homes with limited space such as bungalows or a slim area on the side of the building, where it maybe too difficult to position an alternative conservatory design. The lean-to conservatory roof can vary in pitch, allowing a shallow pitch to fit perfectly underneath a bungalow roof, while a steep pitched conservatory roof is ideal for a terraced house.

Due to the lean-to conservatories simple shape, this allows maximum space within a highly efficient style. These conservatories are commonly known as sun rooms or even garden rooms, as they draw in and trap the winter sunlight then convert this light into heat via the glass.

As one wall will already exist (i.e. the house wall), this means that it is an extremely cost effective conservatory as it saves time and labour whist building the lean-to conservatory.

The lean-to conservatory can also be combined with other style conservatories designing your own perfect extended room to suit any Peterborough and Cambridge home.

Lean To Conservatories Peterborough

Lean-To Conservatory Colour Options Peterborough

Lean-To Conservatory Colour Options Peterborough