P-Shaped Conservatories Peterborough

The P-Shaped conservatory is the perfect style for larger detached properties

The P-Shaped conservatory is made from a combination between a Lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory, with either three or five faceted. When Georgian-style conservatory is combined with the Lean-to, this becomes an L-shaped style.

The P-shaped Conservatory can provide two separate living spaces. Normally combined as a lounge and a dining area or with a children’s play area. These conservatories are better suited for large detached properties due to their larger impressive structure.

These P-shaped conservatories can be designed in either a three or a five segment style with the roof return being either a hipped conservatory roof or a Lean-to.

P-Shaped Conservatories

P-Shaped Conservatory Colour Options

P Shapes Conservatory colour choice Peterborough