Double Glazed Grey Windows Peterborough

When it is time to replace your old run down uPVC windows with some modern double glazing there is no better way to do this by choosing our stunning Grey (anthracite) windows. Anthracite window frames have increasingly gained popularity in Peterborough over the recent years and it is easy to see why!  ‘Grey double glazed windows’ can completely change the appearance of any run down property. Grey windows offer a more of an interesting finish compared to traditional white uPVC windows.

Add character to your home

By installing a darker window frame such as grey will add an individual stamp onto your property. Grey frames will make your home stand out compared to your neighbours, adding a graphical edge over traditional white windows. Grey windows will also offer that fresh, modern appeal especially to a white interior.

How much do Grey Double Glazed Windows cost?

When purchasing replacement double glazed windows many Peterborough homeowners ask how much is the difference between grey double glazed windows compared to white? The answer is roughly 15% to 20% more for a colour compared to white uPVC.

However, don’t forget that coloured uPVC windows are cheaper than some of their alternatives such as aluminium or timber. Aluminium windows could cost twice as much as uPVC, when it comes to timber windows that could double again.

So if you are looking for replacement double glazed windows you must take the colour, style, window material and design into account.

How are Double Glazed windows manufactured?

Many Peterborough homeowners are looking for replacement double glazed windows however they have not got a clue what uPVC windows actually are. So we will include an understanding of the material to help your throughout this blog.

What are UPVC windows?

UPVC is an extremely popular building material which is widely used throughout the building construction industry. UPVC is commonly known as ‘Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’ which is a rigid material which can be easily shaped to any desire.

UPVC window frames known as profiles, are manufactured from long chambered sections which are cut into desired lengths creating the window frame. Within these frames there are lengths of galvanised metal which adds strength and rigidly to the uPVC profiles.

UPVC is an excellent insulator which is ideal for any double glazed window. UPVC will also reduce noise and prevent condensation build up. Apart from these brilliant characteristics, they look stunning as well.

Types of UPVC Coloured Window Frames

There are two ways of applying colour to the uPVC window profiles:

  1. Paint Sprays
  2. Laminated Foils

Spray Painted UPVC Window Frames

As per the description these window frames are spray painted within the factory. This is achieved by priming the door before applying the preferred colour. Not many window manufacturers tend to spray windows profiles nowadays. Spray painting has a history of either the paint fading or often peeling after only a few years.

However, with new technologies paint ponding with UPVC profiles are now guaranteed for at least 10 years.

  • Available in almost any colour.
  • Gloss, Satin or Matt finish.
  • Pearlescent or metallic finish.
  • Scratch & UV resistant (fade resistant).

Laminated Foil Coloured UPVC Windows

When it comes to coloured foils for double glazed window frames this can only be done during the manufacturing process.  During manufacturing a coloured skin or foil is applied to the surface then baked onto it. This ensures that the foil is securely bonded or fused to the outer surface of the frame.

The window foil can also have texture added such as timber-grain. This changes the appearance to mimic a real timber window or door.

What are the most popular window frame colours?

Many Peterborough homeowners tend to change the colour of their interior décor, however what about the outside? Coloured composite doors have been the trend over the last 5 years, now window frames are becoming a show off as well. Here is the top 5 double glazed window colours in Peterborough this year.

Black Window Frames

Black window frames have recently become extremely popular here in Peterborough. Black has been very popular throughout the beauty industry also internal décor, now it is hitting the double glazing market. Changing your windows to black can easily blend the interior to the outside of your home whilst making your home look more modern and standing out from the rest. If you decide on replacing your current uPVC windows for black frame, then make sure you complement this stunning shade with white blinds.

Grey Window Frames

If black windows are a little too much then why not opt for a less settle colour such as the grey window frame. Many Peterborough home owners opt for a less restrained colour which will still propose a sophisticated touch. Grey composite doors are still the latest trend as well as blue or red. Anthracite windows don’t look like the typical grey colour but a countenance of a light grey impression. This light grey offers a distinguished colour between a natural brick with a modern window frame.

Blue Window Frames

If you fancy something different but more majestic, then Blue window frame could be the answer. Just like other stand out colours such as black and grey, blue offers a very interesting attendance. Blue window frame are very popular throughout the countryside such as Holme, Stamford areas. An outside lighting can illuminate this striking colour late at night, so your home will look good day or night.

Chartwell Green

Chartwell green can easily transform the look of any home. Chartwell is not as subtle as a common green, but adds charm to a property. This colour is extremely popular to small size properties often in the countryside. Or heritage style properties rather than new builds. Chartwell green is always a popular colour when it comes to fashion, or properties that want to show off a slender shade.

English Oak Window Frames

The English oak is ideal when trying to imitate the traditional timber effect window. Oak can complement both the inside and outside a property. The best part of replacing your windows with uPVC Oak window frames, is that they will not warp, rot or discolour like natural wooden windows. Their maintenance is minimum which is ideal for those older Peterborough properties. Oak windows adds an aging touch to any style property.


In 2020 many Peterborough homeowners have opted to change their traditional white uPVC windows for a modern chose frame. Whether you require a traditional Oak look for a heritage building, or a black or grey for a modern transformation. Regardless of the colour, replacement double glazing will add character and value to your Peterborough home!