What types of double glazing windows are there?

Double glazing windows have many major effects to your Peterborough home. Not only does the double glazing keep your home warm throughout the winter, but provides beauty and character to your home as well.

Depending on the type of double glazing windows you get installed can have a huge impact on potential buyers. Prospective buyers would prefer purchasing a property with new replacement double glazing windows rather than old run down glazing.

The most popular type of replacement windows in Peterborough are uPVC double glazed windows. The main reason for this is down to their appeal, robustness, colour choice, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

There are so many choices and features when it comes to choosing replacement double glazing. These windows must look right for the type of building, not for getting for each and every individual room. The frame colour must be correct, also the type of glass itself.

We have therefore put together some of the main types of double glazing windows on the market today. This will help you choose the right double glazing you’re your Peterborough home.

Casement Windows

Our casement windows is one of the most popular window options as most residential properties in Peterborough have casement double glazed windows installed by the builders. Casement windows offers many different window configurations to suit a property. Window configurations include various openings and side openings e.g. top opener in the middle and two side opening windows. The uPVC casement window unit comes in 70mm available in either diamond suit or bevelled. This window is available with a widespread of ancillaries such as beading to blend these windows in to the house.

The casement double glazed window is available with a huge range of hardware options. When it comes to security these double glazed windows are installed with the high security SAC Shoot-bolt locking system as standard. When it comes to glazing options these double glazed windows have an energy performance options ranging from C to A++. They are also available in triple glazing as well.

To meet the requirements for all of our Peterborough customers, we supply a colossal range of over 20 solid colour options. Not forgetting various woodgrain choices to. The casement double glazed window can additionally be complemented with a variety of foiled trims to match these stunning windows. Colour option can either be single colour or dual colour. This allows you to have a different colour outside than inside.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The Tilt & Turn windows are also increasingly popular as they a great alternative to the casement double glazed windows. Tilt and turn windows have a dual opening mechanism which endorses security, safety and easy access if necessary. Tilt and turn double glazed windows are extremely popular when it comes to flats or multi-storey buildings. These double glazed units are popular within high building types as window security is extremely important.

When the window handle is twisted 90 degrees then the window tilts inwards to provide ventilation. However, when twisted a full 180 degrees then the side hinge engages which allows the window to be fully opened. These double glazed windows are ideal as a fire escape or when window cleaning could be extremely difficult. Tilt and Turn windows are also popular for rooms that can only accommodate a single window. They can also be coupled into bay or boy windows, or even conservatories as well.

As with the casement windows we offer over 20 different solid colours, woodgrain finish and a variety of foiled trims and ventilation options.

Bay and Bow Windows

The bay and bow windows are very popular for those homes which require that timeless appear and character to their property. By purchasing either a bay or bow window will create more space to a room without the need for an extension. The bay and bow window can be configured with a variety of different double glazed window types. From casement, tilt and turn to vertical sliding windows. There are also a huge variety of ancillaries available to suit the bay and b ow windows.

When it comes to hardware the bay and bow double glazed windows are also available with SAC Shoot-bolt locking mechanism for peace of mind. All of our double glazed windows are available from C to A++ energy rating, not forgetting triple glazing if required.

With over 20 solid colour options, woodgrain and a variety of foiled trims to match, makes the bay and bow double glazed window ideal for any Peterborough home.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Our vertical sliding windows combines the traditional sliding sash window with elegant double glazed windows. The performance of these modern vertical sliding windows is second to none. With the structural design complement the traditional style window with the modern materials and minimum maintenance of contemporary double glazed window. The double glazed sliding sash window has a tilt option which totally recuperates that classic sliding sash window which is extremely popular with our customers.

Whether you are looking to replace a traditional timber sliding sash window in a period property whilst adding character and sophisticated appeal to your Peterborough property. Or looking for a personality charm to your new build property, you can be guaranteed that these vertical sliding double glazed widows are extremely practical, easy to clean, high performance and appealing as well.

As with all of our double glazed windows, these vertical sliding windows are available in over 20 different solid colours and various woodgrain options. With various foiled trims, ancillaries and ventilation options, you can be reassured these double glazed windows are perfect for your home.

Flush Sash Windows

Flush Sash double glazed windows are ideal for any type of property whether you live in a Peterborough country house, or a city flat. The Flush Sash windows brings charm and class to any Peterborough home. These double glazed window are manufactured with the timber window appearance in mind. The Flush Sash are even designed with the same width as the timber frames, not forgetting the style and equal sightlines. These Flush Sash double glazed windows provide a symmetrical balance to any Peterborough property. We even offer the option for mechanical joints so that the window looks exactly how a timber flush sash appears.

As with all of our double glazed window range, the Flush Sash window is also available in a wide range of colour options. These flush sash windows will give you the best performance and style for your property. With the choice of traditional timber joints and cottage bars, these windows will be guaranteed to look stunning.

Q-Lon Weather Gaskets

When it comes to weather-sealing your windows we believe it is extremely important to weather-seal these double glazed windows to provide the best protecting from external elements. This is why we have included the Q-Lon gaskets to all of our double glazed windows. With its outstanding compression rate of 99% makes it the ultimate gasket for any window. This window gasket is manufactured combining materials and technical performance. The Q-Lon window gasket is the best gasket on the market today. This window gasket has been produced to meet the demands of all types of double glazed windows. The Q-Lon gasket is made from foam and is extremely energy efficient.

Window Security and Performance

Our double glazed window locking mechanism is the state of the art enhancing window security to any Peterborough home. Window security is our uttermost priority. All of our double glazing windows have Sac Shoot-bolt locking mechanism with a unique corner drive. The window security offers up to 400% more shoot bolt contact than the traditional flat bolts. With additional pressure being removed from the hinges, enhances the overall life of these double glazed windows. Combining the outstanding locking mechanism with the Q-Lon gasket, these guarantee the tightest weather proof seal and protection.

Window and door security is our first concern as we even offer ‘Secured By Design’ windows and doors. This is offers the best protection for any window and door. This includes our multi-point locking mechanism, pre-compression rollers and anti-lift bolts to prevent any intruder.

Window Energy Efficiency

As the price for home energy rockets from year to year, we do not want to throw money away via our window. So you may ask what you can do if your windows are not energy efficient. Over 20% of heat will escape via your windows if they are not efficient. This is why our double glazed windows are extremely energy efficient. Our windows are manufactured using innervated technology combining outstanding energy efficient glass with spacer bar units, not forgetting that ultimate weather-proof gasket. Combining these outstanding glazing materials, to provide an unresolved energy efficient window.

These double glazing windows will save you money on your energy bills. They will reflect the heat back into your room, trapping heat rays generated via the sun, maximising the energy efficiency of your double glazed windows.

Window Colour Choice

We offer one of the most comprehensive colour ranges for double glazed windows. With different coloured windows becoming increasingly popular throughout Peterborough, we are constantly enhancing our range to meet the demands. With a huge range of solid colours and woodgrain effects. Not forgetting the array of foiled products and trims to match your décor.

Whatever the window and whatever the colour, we have the perfect double glazing product for you.