What is the difference between an uPVC door and a Composite door – what is the best?

Purchasing a new front door can be really exciting but difficult to choose as there are so many different types and designs on the market. Ordering a new replacement door can completely transform your Peterborough home. The front door is the main entry point into your home so not only does it need to look good but it needs to be safe and secure. When acquiring a new front door it is extremely important to consider the colour, design as well as the energy efficiency and what security feature it has.

There are two popular front doors on the market, composite doors and uPVC doors. Many homeowners are unsure the difference between these doors and which one is best. UPVC doors have dominated the market for many years as they were extremely affordable and very practical. However, composite doors have hit the market, developed with all of the strengths from other door types into account. Making the composite door the ideal door for any Peterborough property.

We will therefore highlight some of the benefits of the composite and uPVC doors.

Composite doors

The composite door is the best valued door on the market today. Composite doors have been manufactured combining a mixture of high quality materials then under high pressure bonding these materials to produce a robust door. The uPVC door however is made from mostly plastic material which is much less quality than the composite. The composite door was manufactured taking all of the common issues which were highlighted with other door types such as the uPVC and traditional wooden door. We at Posh Homes Peterborough offer a huge range of composite door designs and colour options that would allow you to design your own unique personalised door which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Composite door features:

All of our composite doors are manufactured with enhanced security features in mind. Every composite door will comply with the minimum of British Standards BS6262. The door glass has also been manufactured with extra tough glass to prevent intruders damaging the glass to gain entry via the door. Handles are internally bolted with a Pro-security handle system. When it comes to our locking mechanism are basic entry is a tremendous Yale multi-point locking mechanisms which offers a 3-star TS007 as standard. This mechanism incorporates two hook locks with a mortice and latch lock.

Say goodbye to those cold draughty winter night. Our composite doors are either A or A+ energy rated. Due to the dense thermal insulation and immensely thick layered door panel, it offers outstand energy efficient door for your Peterborough home.

When it comes to maintenance, all these stunning doors require is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to keep the door clean. We also recommend that the door locks are occasionally (once a year), have a light spray with silicon spray. (We do not recommend spraying down with any oil based sprays).

Composite doors offer the traditional wooden door appearance without the ramifications of the timber door. The materials used for the outer skin are designed to withstand heavy impacts that will occur with day to day living.

Our composite doors have also been designed with weather seal gaskets offering superior weather proofing. Composite doors have a much longer life span than other front doors such as the uPVC door. Though we offer a 10 year manufacture guarantee on all doors, we do estimate that the composite doors life span will last for approximately 20 to 25 years.

With a mass range of styles, designs and colours, you can create the ultimate door for your home.

When it comes to cost, yes the composite door is slightly more expensive than the uPVC door. If we compare the starting price for an uPVC door against the composite door, we are generally only talking a round £100 difference between the composite to the uPVC. For this very small margin, you will get a lot more for your money by purchasing a composite door.

UPVC doors

Many Peterborough occupants still however prefer the uPVC door over the composite door. There are still many benefits for purchasing an uPVC door. Firstly the cost is less. UPVC doors can also be manufactured much small in height and wider in width compared to the composite door.

When it comes to security features, the uPVC door is available with the same Yale 3* multipoint locking mechanism. The door however is slightly thinner so less insulated than the composite door, however offers better thermal performance than the traditional timber door and frame. The frame is uPVC with aluminium frame so offers high security from intruders. With many panel designs, colour options, not for getting features such as handles, knockers and spy holes. The uPVC door remains a very good choice when it comes to replacing your front door for a durable uPVC door.

Are all front doors made the same size and width?

All doors will vary in height and width. When purchasing a new door from Posh Homes Peterborough, we will measure your door area and manufacturer your door bespoke to your property. All measurements will be calculated combining a 5mm expansion gap allowing your new front or back door to be installed professionally obtaining security and energy efficiency as well.