Composite Door Security Features

You may be surprised but not all doors types are manufactured to the same standard. When it comes to door security and life span, then there is no better door than the composite door. Composite doors are pertinently new in comparison to the uPVC doors and old timber doors. However, composite doors are gaining popularity and are over taking the market when it comes to replacement doors. The reason for this amplification is due to the level of security these composite doors offer!

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Composite doors vs timber and uPVC doors

When it comes to replacement front doors, there are three main choices that people opt for; composite, timber or uPVC. To help you understand the differences including advantages of each, we have included more details of each below.

Timber Front Doors

Timber doors look incredible as front doors especially in heritage type properties.  They offer sophistication, character and a larger opening door which other doors cannot offer without side panels. However, timber doors are generally expensive, not only to purchase but to maintain as well. The general maintenance requires stripping the paint off these doors and applying an undercoat then glossing these doors yearly. Not forgetting fixing splinters and rotting areas too. These timber doors can be effected from the rain, snow, direct sunlight. This may resulting in warping, twisting or even peeling. Wooden doors are generally high maintenance which makes them become poor energy efficient as time goes on.

UPVC Doors

When it comes to cost effectiveness, then uPVC doors are the doors for you. They are generally the cheapest on the market, however extremely durable which require very little maintenance. As they are made from uPVC they do not need any form of painting. The only maintenance they require is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Our uPVC doors have a very good security features including a multi-point locking mechanism. They are also fitted with YALE locking cylinder as standard. When it comes to strength and quality, uPVC doors are the weaker door compared to the timber doors and composite. However they are extremely good quality doors which will last for at least 20 years.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are now the preferred door when compared to the timber or uPVC doors. One of the main reasons is due to the robustness and security features that they provide. Composite doors are manufactured with a combination of extremely durable and robust materials, which are clued together under high pressure facilities. These composite doors are manufactured taking previous mistakes from its rivals into account. The outcome has resulting in a high quality door that is exceptionally resilient which will withstand any weather condition. These doors are designed with woodgrain appearance so that they look like the timber door, but with a 2mm GRP outer layer to increase its rigid performance. With its multi-point locking mechanism as standard, makes these particularly secure. Due to the GRP outer layer this increased strength prevents any warping.

When it comes to weather proofing these doors are good. Composite doors are BSI tested which comprises of 6l of water being projected against the door every minute. This simulates extreme weather conditions.

The composite doors are also tested within a forced chamber imitating high winds to extreme hurricanes, ensuring that these composite doors will withstand the toughest weather environments. The composite doors passed these tests at ease.

Composite Doors Security Structures

To understand how secure the composite door actually is, we have illustrated varies areas which will give you a more of an understanding.

Yale Locking Cylinder

The Yale locking cylinder has passed numerous tests ensuring that it is the most secure door cylinder on the market.  With an anti-snap design not forgetting its anti-bump properties makes this lock extremely robust. It is also resilient and cannot be picked, drilled through, tampered even with a torque or force from a hammer. An intruder cannot even saw through this lock or break it with a wrench. With an anti-corrode and heat element, ensures that this cylinder is unbreakable. To back this up Yale offers a life time guarantee on every cylinder.

These outstanding locking cylinders has been awarded the BS EN 1303:2005 standard, this is the highest rating that any lock could have. The equivalent awards are also giving to exceptional flood defences or even crash helmets, which proves that these cylinders are outstanding and secure.

Composite Door Glazing Units

These glazed units are available in a huge range of styles, sizes and colour formations. They maximise light into your room whilst offering privacy and security at the same time. All glazed units come in either double glazing or triple glazing. We can even customise your glazed units to your very own taste. These glazed units are fully insulated which complement the composite door in energy efficiency. With internal beading and easy maintenance there is even a reinforced cover for enhanced security.  For additional warmth or even customised design, triple glazing delivers even more possibilities. Design glass can be created by sandwiching three pieces of glass together with various designs, creating a magnificent art piece for any composite door.

Composite Door Features Peterborough

Composite Door Locking Mechanism

All of our composite doors are fitted with a multi-point locking mechanism as standard. These locks have passed the PAS24 and BS6375, which is giving when a locking can pass a certain criteria. These composite door locks passed at ease receiving the highest grade for any door security and weather resistant.

Door Steel Dog Bolts

These dog bolts are installed alongside the hinge of the door, this aids in securing the door to the frame when the door is closed. These door dog bolts aid to the prevention of an intruder trying to kick or even barge their way through the hinge side of the door.

Yale Locking Mechanism

The Yale door locking mechanism comprises of 2 deadbolts, 2 rollers, 3 hooks and a latch. This configuration offers the highest security locking system which is fitted to all of our composite and uPVC doors as standard. Combining the robustness of the composite doors with the outstanding locking mechanism, ensures that it is near enough impossible for an intruder to break through these doors.

Laminated Internally Beaded Glass

Laminated glass is the sort of glass used in a car’s windscreen. It will take extreme blows and will not splitting and fall apart like tempered glass. When the laminated glass is broken, it remains intact providing an active barrier which prevents a burglar from removing pieces of glass then opening the door from in inside.  Laminated glass comprises of a thin sheet of plastic which is placed between both pieces of glazing, which holds the glass together if this glazing is broken.

Door Security Chains

Door security chains are ideal if you hear a knock at the door but you do not want to compromise your home security. This security chain is attached between the door and the frame, which allows you to open the door far enough to see who is on the other side. If an intruder tries to break through that gap, the chain will prevent the door from fully opening. This gap is small enough to see who is on the other side, while wide enough to pass a small package through.

Door Spy Hole

Door spy holes are another ideal security feature which allows a homeowner to see who is on the other side of the door without compromising security. Spy holes can be integrated within the door knocker. Door spy holes are extremely popular features on the composite doors which can even surge the overall look and style of the composite doors appeal.