Everything You Need To Know Regarding Composite Doors

When it comes to home security every homeowner needs to be re-assured that their front and back doors will be secure. This includes high performance and sturdiness which a composite door will offer!

Composite doors are manufactured using a combination of robust materials which include; timber, insulated foam, GRP skin (glass-reinforced plastic) this is manufactured on the other layer. The combination of these materials offers a unique door which is similar in appearance as the traditional timber door, however without the maintenance to go with it. The composite door is extremely aesthetic in appearance, which is near enough maintenance free.

Our composite doors are available in a huge range of colours, ensuring that we can manufacture the ideal composite door for you. The composite doors are available as a front door or a back door, which will supersede any wooden equivalent.

High Security Composite Doors

Apart from looking stunning these composite doors are designed to keep any front or back door entrance safe and secure. These composite doors are manufactured with their primary aim to protect any home from intruders.

From the robust external frame to their highly secure multi-point locking mechanism makes this door ideal for any property. We also upgraded door locks, which cannot be broken or even drilled out, how about that for security.

High Performance Composite Doors

Many alternate front and back doors will not last as long as they should. However, our composite doors are guaranteed to last at least 10 years! These composite doors have a much longer life span than their alternatives such as the uPVC doors and timber.

Composite Doors Reduce Sound

Many of clients live near busy roads and the traffic can be horrendous. However, one of our composite front doors offers amazing sound proofing which will help to reduce external noise from entering your home.

If you have single glazed windows then we would also recommend that you change these at the same time to our A-rated double glazed windows. The windows will work in conjunction with the composite front door to keep down noise levels.

Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Trying to maintain a timber front door can be very time consuming. Timber require yearly preparation not forgetting that they are also prone to splits, warping, also losing their colour. But when it comes to the composite doors, the only maintenance they require is an occasional quick wipe down with a damp cloth once every few months.

If a composite door sounds good and you’re interested in purchasing one, then contact us today for a free none obligated quotation. Click here for more information!