Are Composite doors better than uPVC door?

Purchasing a new front door can be extremely exciting as it can completely change the appearance of your home. A front door is the main focus point as it is the entrance point into your property. So making this extremely secure from intruders, is very important!  When procuring the right front door for your property, various things must be considered such as the overall design, colour, a energy rating, features, also the security features.

Throughout this blog we will consider the differences between the composite and uPVC doors as these are the most popular front door types on the market. Many homeowners get completely confused between the uPVC and composite doors as they do not understand the difference between these two doors. With all the different features that are available with these doors, this makes the understanding even more difficult.

UPVC doors have dominated the market for many years, making them the market leaders due to their very low price, ensuring that they are not just affordable but practical as well! However, if we are considering the composite door, then this door is even more superior not just with the additional features that are available, but the overall style as well. This is why the composite door has become the new market leader. So if you ask us about our advice on which door to purchase, we will always guide you towards the composite doors due to its substantial advanced features which will outweigh the lower cost uPVC doors.

Why choose a Composite from Posh Windows & Doors Peterborough

Our composite doors have enhanced security features which comply with British Standards BS6262. All glazing are toughened for extra security, not forgetting the multi-point locking mechanism and its 3 star rating, two hook locks also the mortice lock and latch.

Our doors are available in both A and A+ rating with the best thermal efficiency allowing the outstanding energy efficiency for any Peterborough home.

These composite doors have near enough no maintenance to worry about. With just a quick occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

The composite doors are manufactured with a traditional timber look, but without the negative issues that come with wooden doors. The composite door can withstand heavy impacts that happen on a daily occurrence with family life. Therefore reducing surface marks which allows these doors to maintain their appearance, year after year.

Composite doors are manufactured with brush seals and weather seal gaskets, preventing any weather condition from entering a property.

The life expectancy of a composite door out ways its adversary uPVC doors due to its durability and high quality components. The composite door is also available in a large variety of colours and styles. Combining these additional qualities and its outstanding door features, delivers that aesthetic appeal that will make any home look stunning.

The only advantages that the uPVC doors have over the composite doors is their price. The composite doors are slightly more expensive which equates to around £200 extra. This will vary depending on the style of the door and its additional features.

Here at Posh Homes we aim to either match or beat any like-for-like quotes on any composite or uPVC door. This provides peace of mind that you will not just receive the quality of our doors, but the best price also!