A Conservatory or Extension

If you are looking for some home improvements and have been wanting that little extra living space then you may be asking yourselves which is best, a conservatory or an extension? If you are wondering which is best, then it is definitely the best time to extend your home.

You may require a dedicated room for entertaining guests, or an extra room for growing family members. It may be an extra room where you can go and relax and unwind. It does not matter what you motive is, this transformation must be correct for you. This is why we are providing adequate information to help you make this decision.

As a double glazing company which specialises in the design and installation of conservatories customers often ask our expert staff “should I choose a conservatory or an extension”?

This guide will help you weigh up the best solution for your needs and obviously the budget.

What will this extra living space be used for?

The first thing you should consider is why exactly do you require this extra room for – also what will be its main use.

If you require an extra bedroom for instance, then a conservatory will not be suitable. However, a conservatory would be perfect if you require a new office, dining room, or even an additional living room.

While thinking about the purpose will help you decide whether you require a single story or something considerably larger such as a two storey.

A modern conservatory offers the home owner many solutions to use space such as; living room, dining room, play room, library, music room, an office, or even a kitchen.

An extension is also very flexible however it is considerably more expensive.

Where will this new room be located?

The location of this new room will also influence whether an extension or conservatory would be best.

A conservatory is an ideal solution for the warm summer’s days, allowing you to enjoy the sun all day long without the awkward windy breeze.

Other factors to consider would be the correct level of ventilation, blinds or even integrated blinds, also heating to allow you to enjoy a lovely conservatory all year round.

We also offer insulated walls and guardian roofing systems, which makes your conservatory very much like an extension, but with a fraction of the cost. The guardian roofing system can be extremely flabbily as we can also install roof windows to maximise the light and increase ventilation.

Conservatory vs Extension costs?

A conservatory could be considerably cheaper than a single story extension of exactly the same size. Typically you will save significantly more with a conservatory installation rather than an extension.

A conservatory is usually priced depending on the size and style you require, an extension cost is based on price per square metre.

However, it is extremely important to know that builders estimate for the cost for extensions as a ballpark figure, the overall price at the end can be considerably higher as other factors can crop up during the building process. Issues could be things such as drainage, foundation issues, or even additional work. If you decide to go with a building company then make sure you put additional money away to your overall budget.

A conservatory installation will add as much to the value of your home as an extension. If you choose Posh Homes Ltd conservatories including building regulations certificate, then it could add another 4% to 7% to your property value, which is not bad.

In a tight selling market a high-quality conservatory can increase the likelihood to selling your home because of its unique selling point.

If you still can not consider whether you require a conservatory with glass roof, or conservatory with guardian roof, or an extension, then perhaps you need to contact us to arrange a free no-obligation quote.