Transform your home with Composite Doors!

There is no better way of freshening the appearance of the exterior of your home than a brand new composite door! Composite doors can add character to your property, showing off your personality and style. By replacing your old door with a composite door might only seem like a small change, but with the right style door it can really make an impression.

Composite doors have become the most popular type of door in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire for many different reasons. Throughout this blog we will highlight some of the benefits of purchasing a new composite door.

Composite Doors have a wooden appearance

Timber doors have an attractive appearance creating a warm charming personality to any home. However, these old wooden doors do come with many underlining issues, such as constantly requiring repainting. Wood also tends to warp over time therefore requires repairs trying to maintain its original look.

Composite doors are manufactured taking these issues into consideration, they also create the look and feel of real wood. They also offer a mixture of robust materials which will not warp or damage over time. These stunning composite doors are the most durable hardwearing doors on the market. They also require very little maintenance.

The composite doors are designed with a GRP (glass re-enforced plastic), which prevents the door from warping, rotting or fading. Not only does it protect your home from any weather conditions, but it also makes your home looking stunning as well. Whether you are looking for a modern door style or a heritage charm, these beautiful doors will not compromised on their impeccable functionality.

Glazing and Panel Options

When it comes to glazing options there is no other door which is as versatile when it comes to glazing and panel options. These composite doors are available with a huge range of glazing options. Whether you are looking for a simple design, or a colourful triple glazed options, the choice is yours. Not only do they have some brilliant designs, but they are also available in either composite side panel or uPVC side panel also. The composite side panel are manufactured using the typical composite door design with a large glazing option. While the uPVC panel will be a more of a thinner uPVC surround with the same glazing option. So whatever option you opt for you can be reassured that you can personise the front of your home.  With your very own unique decorative glass option, you can be reassured that your door will be individualised.

Customising your Composite Front Door

It can be extremely difficult when it comes to choosing a replacement front door with various styled properties. There are however other ways of maintaining a particular design but tailoring the composite door to show off a variant look. This can be achieved by changing the colour of your door or even the door finish. By amending the hardware options can maintaining a contemporary style such as the handles, letterbox or even the door knocker.

Benefits of a Composite Door

Though composite doors are manufactured by combining a mixture of various materials, they don’t however compromise quality. Each material is specially selected due to their qualities, creating an extremely strong, robust door that will exceptionally secure against any intruder.

The composite door is manufactured using a multi-layer of materials such as PVC, timber and an insulated polyurethane foam core. These materials offer a strong resilient door whilst maintaining a light insulated core. This combination makes these stunning composite doors the ideal door for homeowners who may live near busy roads who may require a soundproof door.

Finding the right Composite Door manufacturer

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We offer one of the most extensive collections of composite doors in Peterborough, making it much easier for homeowners to select the right front door for their property.

We will never pressure sell a double glazed product, we will simply provide an affordable quote, then let the customer choose to use our company. If you would like to discuss any double glazed products then please don’t hesitate in contacting Posh Homes Peterborough, for a free no-obligation quote.