What is a Composite Door?

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What is a Composite Door?

What is a Composite Door?

Over the recent years Composite Doors have become extremely popular as the new front doors. Throughout this article we will take a look at the benefits of composite doors not forgetting the benefits they bring. We will also discover why most Peterborough homeowners prefer the composite doors over any other front door.

What are Composite Door made of?

Composite doors are made from variety of materials which were selected due to their exceptional beneficial properties.  The composite door was fabricated using current knowledge of defects from other doors, then utilising these errors to design a superior door. These composite doors are extremely strong, brilliant security, not forgetting its exceptional thermal efficiency.

These composite doors are designed totally different than common singular material doors, but with multiple lays. This makes this composite front door highly resistant to abrasion and poor weather conditions. Due to the quality of the design of this front door, ensures that this composite door will not fade or discolour. Another great advantage is the extremely long lasting life of this door, estimating at least 35 years without even any maintenance beyond an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth. Composite doors do not require repainting like other door types.

Other than composite doors, the other main type of door sold within Peterborough are the uPVC doors.

UPVC doors are still extremely popular throughout households for many reasons. Firstly, these doors are extremely cheap compared to many other types of doors, they also have high resistance to weather elements. In general these uPVC doors require little maintenance compared to wooden doors.

UPVC doors have many of the same flaws as wooden doors devour. They are both made from singular materials, limiting the quality of these doors. Due to this flaw, which makes the composite door the most preferred door type. The composite door has an exceptional design with superior quality of materials providing the highest standards in the door manufacturing industry.

 How are Composite Doors Made?

The composite door is made up with this consistent configuration: a 70mm uPVC outer frame, composite PVC sub-frame, with a hardwood inner frame provide the ultimate strength. The outer frame is reinforced with galvanised steel providing the ultimate strength. While the PVC sub-frame warrants stability, whereas the wooden inner frame is designed to prevent torsion.

Composite doors have insulating polyurethane (PU) foam core and a 2mm PVC banding around the edges. This door has also a 2mm GRP (glass reinforced plastic) grained surface, this prevents the skin of the door from cracking, twisting or require painting. It is also highly resistant to dents and scratches.

The composite door is also available in a low threshold, ideal for wheelchair access, Part M compliant, available in gold or silver with dual weather seals.

Benefits of Composite Doors

There are numerous options of front doors which you could consider to be installed to your Peterborough home. However nothing comes close to the quality and security and beauty of the composite doors. There are many reasons why composite doors are so popular and preferred door.

The materials used to blend this composite door provides sheer strength, beauty in design, not forgetting durability and extreme security. The core itself contains wood, all insulating materials are eco-friendly, these layers bond together providing additional protection and a water-resistant outer skin. The only downfall compared to the alternative door like the uPVC door, would be the price. The composite door is slightly more expensive than the uPVC, however the benefits and beauty outweighs this small price.

Apart from being a strong robust door, composite doors are the ideal choice if you are looking for additional security features for your property. By choosing a composite door will allow you to pick from the best door locks on the market, some of these high security locks are not available on other door types. Composite doors come as standard with multi-point locking mechanism which are BS6375 and PAS24 approved. Not forgetting that they have also kite-marked cylinder locks as stand.

The composite doors are available in wide range of styles and finishes, which are suitable for near enough any Peterborough property. From a muted woodgrain effect if you are looking for a classic style look, or for a bold statement why not choose a striking coloured finish. Composite doors are finished with a GRP (glass reinforced plastic), providing a more of a natural look, beautiful finish, which is resistant to dents and damages. The glass panels cleverly built into the frame, this allows the glass to replace on the event of an unfortunate incident.

The strength and security features makes the composite doors the ideal solution for replacement front doors. They are very affordable making them the perfect door for the entrance to your home.

The Key Advantages of Composite Doors

Composite doors hold both many benefits and advantages over other front doors:

  • Ultra-thick, steel frame – composite doors are far studier than other door types. Due to their thick solid frame with other blended materials makes these composite doors able to withstand hard kicks which an intruder may strike, ensuring your family and home is highly secure.
  • Brilliant thermal efficiency – When we are talking thermal efficient doors no other door types come close to a composite door. A composite door will keep the heat in and prevent cold from entering your home. This will have a reflection on your heating bill.
  • Styles and colours – Other door types such as uPVC or wood will often have restrictions when it comes to door styles and colours, composite doors do not! Composite doors come in a huge range of designs providing the opportunity to demonstrate your own style which will match your own décor and creativity.
  • Extra-long lifespan also low-maintenance – The composite door will only require a quick wipe down when it gets dirty. Not like wooden doors which require treatment periodically otherwise they bow and distort. No other front door measures up to the long lifespan of the composite door.

When looking for replacement front doors you should always consider the composite doors first. The composite door will keep your home safe and secure and well protected. Remember your family’s safety should be your priority.

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