What is a composite door?

The composite door is 44mm thick comprised of high-density polyurethane foam, combined with a timber sub-frame for extra strength and durability. On both sides aluminium inserts are used preventing this composite door from warping or bowing. The composite door is then finished with a 2.5mm GRP outer skin, this layer is totally immune to sun fade and bleaching. These durable skin covers are then inoculated with a “through colour” process, ensuring that any scratches or blemishes cannot be visible.

The composite door is extremely strong, easy maintenance, built to high security, it is also an excellent thermal efficient door. All these structures ensure that the lifespan of a composite door exceeds 35* years, safeguarding the composite door as the most popular door choice on the market.

Both sides of the composite door has a 2.5mm GRP (glass reinforced plastic) outer-skin. This skin requires little maintenance (only a quick wipe with a damp cloth). This allows this composite door to look like new without the requirement of paint.

Composite doors are now the preferred choice for entrance doors due to all of the advantages that the composite doors has over wooden doors, steel doors and even UPVC doors.

Benefits of composite doors

  • 44mm thick extra strong door leaf
  • excellent thermal performance
  • low maintenance (wipe clean)
  • coloured through 2.5mm grp outer-skin (allows a huge range of colour designs)
  • realistic woodgrain appearance
  • wind and water resistant
  • no warping, twisting, cracking or bowing
  • huge range of door and frame colours
  • realizable cassette system
  • extremely safe
  • secured by design locking
  • fully accredited BS:EN 6375 and PAS24 security standards
  • 35 year lifespan
  • 10 year guarantee

Energy Efficient Outer Frame

All our composite doors are installed within a pre-hung uPVC outer frame, which is energy efficient, recyclable reinforced, offering excellent thermal properties.


All our composite doors are installed with a multipoint locking system which are PAS24 and BS6375 approved. These door locking mechanisms have kite-marked cylinder locks as standard.